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About STM



After receiving approval from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan in 2013, the Graduate Institute of Services and Technology Management (STM) began enrolling graduate students.


Modules in the master’s curriculum

Each module within the master’s curriculum will teach students how to integrate knowledge from various perspectives, form research questions, and enhance problem solving and research capabilities.


lIndustry technology and management

The focus is on application of industry technology and training of skilled people. Courses include Quality Management Systems, Global Logistics, Operational Strategy and Management, and Green Industry Management.

lService technology and management

The focus is on incorporating Information Technology into service management. Main courses include E-Commerce Management, Statistical Methods and Application, Cloud Service and Planning, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, etc.

lInnovation and entrepreneurship management

The focus is on training of entrepreneurial talents through Idea Generation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Courses include Innovation and Entrepreneurial Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Finance and Risk Management, Managerial Psychology, etc.

lTechnology management