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Development Features

Assimilating service innovation strategies with technology management

The key industries of central Taiwan include machine tools, precision machinery, hosiery, textile, communications media, health care, flowers, leisure agriculture, etc. The above information shows the transformation from manufacturing to manufacturing services.


Integrating teaching content and methods

The teaching content consists of three main topics that emphasize strategic innovation and integrated management skills, and includes:

Industry technology and management

Service technology and management

Innovation and entrepreneurship management

In addition to teaching methods, other areas of focus will include:

Class participation

  Active teaching (learning by activity)

 Practical teaching (learning by doing)

  Enterprise internship (learning through touring)


Combining academia and career experience

The university has many alumni who are entrepreneurs. These alumni will serve as liaisons between the university and various business corporations. This will bring industry, students, and teachers together, and will help to establish cooperation and mutual benefits.